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Form Addons

Select 2

Select2 for custom search and select
Single select2
Multiple select boxes

Bootstrap Select boxes

Just add bootstrap-select-min.js and same css & add class .selectpicker to select
Select box
Select boxes with optgroups
Multiple select boxes
With colored Button Classes



add the following line class="js-switch" data-color="#009efb" to your input element.


You can add data-size="small",data-size="large" to your input element for different sizes.

Secondary color

You can apply data-color="@color" data-secondary-color="@color" to your input element to both color.

Input Tags

Add data-role="tagsinput" to your input field & its automatically change it to a tags input.

Select Tags

You can also use select multiple to your input field.

Input Group Tags

You can also use group tag data-role="tagsinput" to your input field.

Dynamic Form Fields

Bootstrap TouchSpin

Use the data-plugin="touchSpin" to create a Bootstrap style spinner.

Multiple Select

Use a select multiple as your input element.
Pre-selected options
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