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ICO Timeline

  • Lock-in Period

    Equity investments has long lock-in period ranging from 3-10 years

    11 Minites Ago
  • Funding Access

    Traditional financing channel would take 3-6 months to accomplished.

    17 Minites Ago
  • Cost of Credit

    Interest rate would varies by region and issuers equity would be substantial.

    10 Minites Ago
  • Liquidity

    Our Equity Exchange Platform offer the flexibility for investors to liquidate their asset holdings on any investment.

    05 Minites Ago
  • Low Return

    Stock market over the past 10 years has average of 7% return per year.

    11 Minites Ago
  • Worldwide

    Issuers can finance their asset, investors can invest and liquidate holdings.

    1 Minites Ago